Arts & Crafts

Your paintbrush is loaded, but the canvas is still blank.
The clay - a wet, malformed lump on your wheel.
The inhale before your line of dialogue.
The best moment: the beat before the beginning.

Music. Film. Words. Drama. Dance. Art. Craft.

Colorado College values its vibrant, intimate community of artists. From academic departments to student organizations, degree seekers to armchair enthusiasts, we offer opportunities for everyone to be involved, regardless of skill level or previous experience. Browse the list of possibilities on your right to find your niche.

The moment of inspiration. The spark of genius. The flash of discovery. The feeling of accomplishment. It begins here.

Arts and Crafts
offering classes for students, staff, and faculty in ceramics, fiber arts, metalwork, and more.

Academic Departments
Creative Writing
Theatre and Dance
Film and New Media Studies

Student Organizations
A Capella (The Back Row, Ellement, Room 46)
Colorado College TV
Dance Workshop (DW)
Film Union
FLASH Photography Club
Integrative Design Club
Salsa Club
Sounds of Colorado College (SOCC)
Student Musical Theatre Group (STMG)
Theatre Workshop (TW)
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