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Junior Bootcamp Video Recordings

The College Bootcamp Series is designed to help students get a strong start on their college search and application process while also learning more about Colorado College. You can find all of our 2021 recordings below!

The college search process can be a lot, but you have to start somewhere! Learn a bit about Colorado College and what we'll share about the college search process through our College Bootcamp Series.

Have you had a college interview yet? Have you been holding off because you're unsure of what to expect? This session will discuss both what a college admission interview is and how to prepare for one.

Without the ability to visit many colleges this spring, how do you work to get to know schools from a distance? In this session, we will discuss the various ways to research schools, craft your "college wish list," and what you should consider when you hear the term "right fit."

Admission staff may run the college process, but our current students are the experts on what it is like to go through it! Join us for a special session with a panel of current CC students to learn more about student life on campus, as well as to gain some insight and advice about applying to colleges and ultimately making your final choice, which will be CC, right?


Your college applications are in. Now it's a waiting game. We say we read your file "holistically" but what does that actually mean? In this session, we'll share more about how we review our applicants, and gain a few tips which may help make your application most compelling!

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