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Fall Semester Away (FSA)

In response to the significant travel disruptions and health concerns due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to cancel our Fall Semester Away programs. See Coronavirus Updates & Resources here.


Are you ready to start at CC in the fall and also want to challenge yourself by starting abroad? CC has a semester-long program for first year students. The program begins with an on-campus orientation and then you will travel to England, France, Italy, and Greece to complete the first four blocks of your coursework. 

With over 80% of CC students choosing to study outside of the CC campus during their four years here, experiences and classes that student take off-campus make a huge difference to one's college experience.

CC is thrilled to offer students the option of participating in a study abroad fall semester this coming academic year. Feel free to look at our itinerary posted below to get a view of how the FSA program is designed.  

2020 Program Schedule

August 15

New Student Orientation (NSO) begins. Students arrive on campus.

August 16 - 23

Special NSO for FSA students and parents. Pre-trip dinner with the students on August 23.

August 24

Fly to London, England; Start of CC100 Ecology, Resistance, and Liberation and CC120 Writing Seminar.

September 16 - 20

Student block break in London.

September 21

Class leaves for France, spending time in Paris and Voulmetin.

October 7

Class travels to Italy to conclude CC100 and CC120 on October 13.

October 14

Students travel to Athens, Greece.

October 15 - November 6

CO121 The World of Odysseus: History and Myth

November 7 - 8

Student block break in Athens.

November 9 - December 4

CO130 Literature and Contemporary Issues: Democracy Ancient and Modern

Overall, students will spend 28 days in England, 17 days in France, 6 days in Italy, and 52 days in Greece — a total of 75 days in the Schengen as part of Fall Semester Away. For information about Fall Semester Away, please contact Matthew Bonser in the Admission Office at