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Global Opportunities

There is a wide world out there waiting to be explored — a rich and dazzling array of cultures and subjects, languages and people. An educational experience that purposefully immerses its student in something entirely different from what they know is an education that can put your entire college career into a new light. New perspectives beyond the classroom allow for the exploration of new ones within it. It is as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. stated: “A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

At CC, we want students, staff, and faculty to experience the world -
both on and away from campus.

Because over 80 percent of students study abroad at least once while at CC, the college has been recognized as a national leader in international education. The Block Plan allows students a wider array of possibilities for off-campus study, including semesters and year-long programs, blocks taught off-campus during the school year, and summer blocks off-campus, in locations both domestic and international.

International education at Colorado College is about more than just off-campus study. Every year, international resident scholars, guest lecturers, and professional artists come to CC to teach, mentor, and perform. A growing number and variety of international students decide to enroll at CC. Cultural program coordinators — from diverse countries such as Chile, China, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, and Russia — live in the residential language houses, offering language instruction and cultural events for the entire campus to enjoy.

Colorado College believes in the value of an international, interculturally explorative education for its students, and we are excited to help you on this journey in any way we can.