Summer 2020 Challenge

Thank you everyone for taking time to create such smart productions and kicking off the summer break on a delightful note. We had a blast watching -and rewatching- all of your submissions, and all the labor put into the works and wittiness that came out of them hardly made our task easier!

As difficult as voting was, here are the results:

  • Best Acting: "Inigo Montaya" by Tia Vierling '22 and Lee Vierling '92
  • Most Creative: "Circle of Life" by Madison Dillon (CC '23) and Shannon Rudek (Oberlin '23) and Kate Rudek
  • Funniest: "Lady and the Tramp" by Lila Schmitz '18 and Fengyi Xu '19
  • Most Facebook Likes: "Remy Makes Ratatouille" by Skye Schelz '20, Anabel Simotas, Kira Louzoun.
  • Finally, [drum rolls] Best Picture is shared between [more drum rolls] "Circle of Life," "Lady and the Tramp," aaaand "Life of Pisolation" by a Robert Mahaffie '15, Anika Kan Grevstad '18, Lucy Houlihan '18, Ryan Loeffler '12, Sasha, and Corrina Leatherwood '18.

Congratulations everyone!

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