Smartphone Filmmaking & Editing Workshops

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Learn how to get the best quality footage out of filming and editing with your smartphone by watching these two fun, virtual smartphone filmmaking workshops full of best practices, recommended apps, favorite tools, and hands-on practice! Bring your Android or iOS smartphone to practice with. Together we'll make the most of using the cameras we have with us to tell and share our stories.

Created by Technical Director Zach Wolfson in Summer 2020.

Filming Apps

Pro App for Filming on iPhone/AndroidFilmic Pro app - $15 -

iPhone App for Recording Voiceover AudioVoice Memos app -

Android App for Recording Voiceover AudioGoogle Recorder app -

Alternative Android App for Recording Voiceover AudioVoice Recorder app -

Filming Tools

Small Table-Top TripodPedco UltraPod - $14 -

  • Start with a small "table-top" tripod so it's compact and easy to set it up with your smartphone or small camera. Plus it doubles as a great handle for getting more stable hand-held shots, too.

Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount AdapterManfrotto Universal Smartphone Clamp - $10 -

  • This is an adjustable tripod mount adapter (and stand) especially for mounting most smartphones to any tripod. Fits any smartphone up to 8.5cm (3.2") wide; check your smartphone's width to confirm it will fit.

Smartphone MicrophoneYour Smartphone Earbuds; or Deity V.Lav Lavalier Mic - $50 -

  • The earbuds that came with your smartphone are a great tool for recording better audio with your smartphone because they have a dedicated microphone that's built for recording a voice. Plus if you've already got them, then there's no need to buy anything extra.

Small 5-in-1 Reflector → Selens Portable 24"(60cm) Round Reflector - $13 -

  • This is a reflector and it's one of the most versatile light modifying tools. You can use it to bounce, diffuse, or even remove light for your shots.

Video Editing Software

Editing app for iOS/Android/Windows/MacOSAdobe Premiere Rush -$10/month -

Tutorials for How to transfer your video files from your smartphone to your computer to prepare for editing

Video Editing Tools

External Hard Drive for Editing VideoSeagate Expansion SSD 500GB - $62 -

  • This is a versatile external hard drive that you can use to store and edit your short film and video projects during Basic Filmmaking, and it will have room for you to grow in the future too.

Music Resources

  • There is a music library with many songs available inside of the Adobe Rush app
  • There is a YouTube Channel called "Audio Library -- Music for content creators" that has royalty-free songs available to download and use (with credit for the musician) for your video projects:
  • For YouTube videos: There is music available in your YouTube Studio after you login to your YouTube Channel; look for the "Audio Library" button or go here after you login:


Mac App for Live Video Streaming/ProductionEcamm Live - $15-25/month -

  • This is an all-in-one live video streaming/production software, and it's what I used for this Workshop to stream into Zoom. It's user friendly and easy to get started.

Windows/Mac/Linux App for Live Video Streaming/ProductionOBS Studio -

  • This is another all-in-one live video streaming/production software. It's a great tool as well but requires a bit more technical work to get started.
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