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Major in Business, Economics, and Society (BESoc)

New in 2021!

Interested in the Economics & Business Department's new BESoc major - Business, Economics, and Society? Students will be able to declare BESoc as early as the first day of Block 5, 2021 (February 1).

Even though students must wait to declare BESoc until the first day of Block 5, Pre-Registration allows them to select courses for it now! To get started with the revised Economics and the new Business, Economics, and Society (BESoc) majors, students will need to take Principles of Economics either as a 2-block course (EC100) or as two separate blocks (EC101 and EC102). Those same gateway courses will also serve the International Political Economy and the Mathematical Economics majors after the end of this academic year. Students who have taken EC201 do not need to take Principles of Economics.

For the revised Economics and the Business, Economics, and Society majors students will need Principles of Financial Accounting (BU205), and for all four departmental majors they will still need calculus (MA125 or MA126).

Commitment to Liberal Arts

"The Business, Economics, and Society major is a creative and timely addition to the Department's set of majors. Over the summer, department faculty thought about ways to highlight the distinct and complementary disciplines of Business and Economics. This is one result; a reconceived Economics major is another. In keeping with the College's commitment to the liberal arts, both invite students to examine economic phenomena from an interdisciplinary perspective and with an eye to shaping effective citizens for a global age." ~Susan Ashley

Exciting Blend of Theory and Applied Skills

"This major will open the door to many career, graduate school, and life opportunities.You will learn an exciting blend of theory and applied skills in this major, and its unique liberal arts approach will appeal to many employers and graduate schools. If you're interested in thinking about business and economic solutions that can make the world a better place, then this major is for you!" ~Kat Miller-Stevens

Building Connections

"I'm so excited by the interdisciplinary nature of this major. As students do the hard work to build connections between business, economics, and society, they will be developing and drawing upon core skills of the liberal arts - critical thinking, creative problem solving, and responsible citizenship - that are the hallmarks of our department." ~Christina Rader

Ready to Declare Your BESoc Major?

  1. Select a faculty member as your choice for academic advisor, and email him/her to confirm there is space to add you as an advisee. Once confirmed, go to step 2!
  2. Complete the Major Declaration Online Form at the Registrar's Office to start the signing process!
  3. Complete (all fields), sign, and submit the BESoc Major Requirements online form for your dept. student file. Keep a copy for your reference.

Thinking of Studying Economics Abroad?

Many opportunities exist for declared Economics & Business Dept. majors who are interested in taking economics classes in another part of the world. In addition to blocks taught off-campus by CC professors during the year and in the summer, many options exist on other CC-approved semester and year-long programs around the world. Click on the list below/right to see options which are available to you!


Economics & Business Dept. Policy for Credit Transfer from Study Abroad

The Economics & Business Dept. will not approve courses taken off-campus towards the major for un-declared students. Declare your major and visit with your Advisor and the Dept. Chair as soon as possible to create your abroad study plan!

Students may request pre-approval by fully completing the "CC Internal Application for Off-Campus Study" in Summit for one course off-campus per semester. Remember, these courses must generally have Macroeconomics and Microeconomics as a prerequisite. 

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Questions on the BESoc Major? Click on the FAQ!



2021 BESoc Major Requirements


BESoc Major Approved Social Issues Courses


2021-22 Economics & Business Teaching Schedule

2021-22 EB Teaching Schedule

Transfer Previous Credit

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