Emeritus Faculty

Herving Madruga is one of the founding faculty and the early director of the Program in Comparative Literature here at Colorado College.  His co-teaching of the introductory course and of advanced seminars on subjects like the Turn of the [20th] Century are legendary.  He is a Cuban-born scholar with comprehensive knowledge of languages and literatures, having studied at Harvard and received his PhD from the University of Colorado in Boulder.  He retired in 1994.

Harvey Rabbin, along with Marcelle Rabbin of the Romance Languages Department, was a founder of the Comparative Literature program in the early 1980s, inventor of the "Theory and Practice of Literature" beginning course, and the "Practice in Comparison" course, and much else in the curriculum.  He conducted many of the junior-senior seminars, including the first of the series on East European fiction coordinated with the study of formalist poetics.  In the spring of 1999 he and Marcelle retired to France. 

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