I teach the following courses, some more often than others

     Introduction to Organic Chemistry

     Introduction to Biochemistry


     Nucleic Acid Biochemistry (using HIV-1 and Coronaviruses, SARS-CoV2)

          Vaccine Panel and HIV videos

     Gender and Science (more appropriately, Gender, Race and Science)

     Ecofeminism (occasionally)

     Molecular Basis of Diseases (occasionally)

I am interested in developing other interdisciplinary courses, particularly around communicating science, including storytelling and science fiction, and hands-on science activities for children.

Students in my classes participate in Science Outreach activities and we often do fun things in class as well.  (Solving Real World Problems)

Book: Fundamental of RNA Structure and Function, Neena Grover, Springer-Nature, 2021

Biochemistry II Presentations

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