Capstone Information

Why a Senior Capstone?  The Senior Capstone in Anthropology provides majors with the opportunity to conduct their own independent research project or compose a synthesis of important research within the field of anthropology. Projects will typically take the form of an academic paper; students with adequate preparation may also propose alternatives such as an ethnographic film, museum exhibit, or applied project (each accompanied by a shorter paper). The Capstone program allows students to apply and demonstrate their training at the culmination of their undergraduate study, and also offers a counterpoint to the atomization of one-block-at-at-time by asking students to ponder a question longer, and to rethink and revise their first efforts. Options for capstone directions are as varied as four-field anthropology and CC’s departmental orientation: we encourage hard work, intellectual rigor, creativity and discovery.

AN 315, Senior Capstone Course

This required course is designed to help you complete a capstone project that deepens your anthropological skills and to help you explore and develop your career paths. Work on your capstone project begins in the Spring of your Junior year. The more progress you have made on your capstone prior to AN 315, the more helpful this course will be for you. The capstone course will provide additional instruction on writing, argumentation, audience refinement, and the structure of your capstone paper as well as some time to complete the project. The course will also involve instruction from professionals at CC's Career Center to help you refine your resume, cover letters, and interview skills. You will examine different career paths and practice describing your skills and its applications to potential employers. Your grade for AN315 will include required activities/assignments during the block and the final grade you receive from your capstone advisor on your capstone project/thesis. Until the capstone is complete, you will receive a grade of In Progress (IP) for AN315.

Funding for Capstone Projects

Some funding to support expenses related to your capstone project can be provided by the Anthropology Department. Please see the "Funding Opportunities" page.  

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