Julieta Lechini

julieta-lechini.pngPronouns: she/her/their 

Graduation year: 2022 

Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay 

Currently living in: Europe (jumping around) 

Current occupation: 4 Cities Urban Studies Master Student



What was your experience at CC like as an Anthropology major?

I think the Anthropology Department was one of the biggest highlights of my time at the college. They gave us a huge amount of support and resources to do our own research and try to find and explore our interests. Also, I appreciate their flexibility in listening to our feedback and which types of classes we wanted to have more of. I was able to dive deep into different methods (visual ethnography for example) and take courses abroad (summer block in Ecuador) that enriched my experience as a student so much.



Why were you interested in focusing on Anthropology as your major?

It’s a discipline that is continuously proving to be self-reflective and gives immense tools, such as ethnography, to be able to do decolonial/feminist academic work that can translate into real participatory changes. I always wanted to work in Participatory Anthropology research since fieldwork enriches working in the field more and more by using our own living experiences as a point of analysis. This is why I focused a lot also on migration (as a migrant) and housing living experiences.



How are you using your major in your post-CC life?

I received an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Scholarship to do a master's in Urban Studies in Europe for two years. While it is an interdisciplinary master's, I plan on conducting my thesis and research from my anthropological and ethnographical work, learning how to apply participatory urban planning to urban research from a Feminist and Decolonial Urbanist perspective. This interest in Urban studies started after working on my thesis at CC, studying migration and housing accessibility in Montevideo, Uruguay. I was very motivated to continue learning how to make cities more accessible and how political anthropological and urbanist research can help make cities more welcoming for everyone.

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