Resource Systems in the American West

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Minor Requirements

A comprehensive approach to understanding basic resource systems and their interaction among themselves and with human organizations in Western America, including: land, energy, natural resources, recreation, and environment. Attention is given to the economic and public policy dimensions of understanding, managing, and preserving resource systems. 5 units.

Note: More than ONE course from the major department(s) may be counted as fulfilling the requirements of a minor. However, additional courses can be taken and will count toward graduation, if desired. Students must take at least two but no more than three units from Category One. The additional courses can be concentrated in Category Two or Three or spread across both categories.

Category One: Economics and Systems/Policy Approaches. (2–3 units credit.) EC335 or EC341 or EC404 and PS321 or EV271 or SO130. Other applicable economics, policy courses, with approval of minor advisor.

Category Two: Natural Sciences. (Remaining units from Category Two and/or Three.) BY100, BY208, CH210, EV212, EV311, EV431, GY100, GY130, GY150, SW311. Other applicable natural science courses as offered, with approval of minor advisor.

Category Three: Social Science/Humanistic Perspectives. (Remaining units from Category Two and/or Three.) AN211, AN291, AN321, AN378, EV260, EV321, EV/SW 352, HY200, HY210, HY212, HY217, HY267, HY268, PH246, SO130, SO257, SO165, SW132, SW141, SW175, SW185, SW200, SW220, SW228, SW230, SW272, SW275, SW301, SW321. Other applicable social science and humanities courses as offered, with approval of minor advisor.

Category Four: The Integrative Experience: Students are required to have an integrative experience which can be part of one of the five courses (in agreement with the course professor) or in addition to these courses from among the following options: A major paper associated with one of the courses in Category One; Summer Session course incorporating a major paper; joint faculty/student research (academic year or summer); extended-format course.

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