Renaissance Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Advisor: EVITT

Minor Requirements

The ideas, arts, letters, and institutions of Europe in the period between 1300 and 1700. Attention given to the continuities and differences between this period and its medieval predecessor. 5 units minimum. 

Category One — The Renaissance Context: Students should choose no more than two units from this category: AH112, AH115; EN202, EN220, EN223, EN225; MU150; HS120, HY105, HY249, HY255; PH210; PS235; RE120, RE130; RE206; TH221.

Category Two — Studies in the Classical Background to Renaissance Thought: CL/HY/PH116; CL107, CL109, CL118, CL125, CL209, CL216, CL220, CL226; HY213, HY216, HY220; PH244; RE206. (for two unit courses, 1 unit counts toward the minor).

Category Three — Aspects of the Renaissance (at an advanced level): Students must choose a minimum of two units: AH221, AH231, AH232, AH235; CO300; EN310, EN311, EN312, EN313, EN320, EN321, EN326, EN328, EN329; HY252, HY277; IT315, IT323; MU315; RE213.

The Integrative Experience

A paper written in one of the last two courses of the minor and arranged among the student, the instructor, and the minor advisor.

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