Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Minor Requirements

Students examine the role of violence and non-violence in human interactions with each other and/or with the natural world. Courses and opportunities for involvement in issues related to this theme are constantly changing at Colorado College. Students choosing to minor are responsible for developing an individualized, integrated minor from the wide range of study and engagement opportunities available. Five units minimum.

A successful non-violence minor proposal will include:

  1. Advisor approval, usually prior to the senior year, for the student’s personalized curriculum design.
  2. A course in the foundations of non-violence (usually GS210).
  3. One course related to understanding ethics (including, but not limited to PH140; PH246; RE202, RE215).
  4. Three additional courses relating to the issue of non-violence in the broad categories of human-to-human interactions and those which relate to the issue in human-to-natural world interactions, including at least one course from each. Acceptable courses in the category of human-to-human interactions include but are not limited to: GS221; HY244, HY250, HY286, HY344; PS210, PS323, PS351; ES185, ES212; SO107, SO112, SO113, SO116, SO243. Acceptable courses in the category examining human interaction with the natural world include but are not limited to: BY100 if ecology, BY208; CH210; EV121, EV155; FG215, FG216; GY150; HY212, HY252, HY255.
  5. The Integrative Experience: A researched paper or artistic product relating to the theme of non-violence, generally to be produced during the senior year. Students fulfill this requirement either by securing advisor approval for an independent study (GS 320) or by producing a substantial research paper or artistic product relating to the theme of non-violence as part of the last or next to last course in the minor. Students must secure advisor certification that the final paper or product is indeed related to the theme of non-violence in a meaningful way.
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