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The Keller Family Venture Grant Program for Student Research

Keller Venture Grants, made possible by the Keller Family Foundation, allow you to imagine, articulate, and bring to life your own original research project. What will your adventure be? Apply for a Keller Venture Grant today.

◊ Application link for Keller Family Venture Grant           

Application link for Matching Funds, Keller Family Venture Grant

Keller Family Venture Grant Timeline

◊ Second Monday of the Block: Proposals due by 5:00 PM on SUMMIT

◊ Third Thursday of the Block: Dean's Advisory Committee (DAC) reviews proposals

◊ Fourth Wednesday of the Block: DAC responds to proposals

◊ Week One of Following Block: Award letters distributed 

Imagine a great project and do it!

Last year the Keller Venture Grant program funded $98,379 in student research and 109 Colorado College students pursued their own individual research projects on campus, across the United States, and around the world.

Things to Know

  • Project proposals must focus on individual student research.
  • Funds can be used for research travel expenses but not for expenses that are Academic Opportunities Grant eligible.
  • Students should apply two-three funding cycles in advance of when they actually need the funds.
  • Applicants must have faculty or staff sponsorship.
  • Individual students can apply for up to $1,000.
  • Students must submit proposals to the Dean's Office by the second Monday of the block in which you would like your proposal reviewed.

  • You can extend your award by applying for matching funds: up to $500 in additional Keller Venture Grant funding if you have secured matching funds from a separate institutional funding source (approved internal Colorado College grant funds, external grant funds, crowd-sourced funds). Personal resources may not be used to secure matching funds.
  • Students should submit their Travel, IRB, or IACUC review forms, as relevant, two weeks before they submit their grant applications.
  • If your grant is approved, your funds will be available the first Friday of the following block.

Co-Authored Applications

If the grant application has multiple authors, one primary applicant will submit the project narrative, budget, and if applicable Travel Review Form, and initiate IACUC/IRB review.

The primary applicant should indicate in the form ALL the reference letter writers for the project. The primary applicant will upload his/her own transcript and student account printout in the main application form.

Each co-applicant (i.e., not the person who is uploading the proposal and the budget) should go to the KFVG Co-applicant Information Form to upload their personal confidential documents (transcript, student account printout).