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    Scholarships and Links


    Alpha Association of Colorado
    2019 Graduate Study Scholarships

    Phi Beta Kappa initiates or members are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the PBK Association of Colorado to begin or continue graduate studies. The purpose of the scholarship is to further the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence. This year the Association will award two scholarships, one for $3500 and another for $1500.

    Note that Jenny Wool, class of 2014, Elliot Mamet, class of 2015, Peter Heng, class of 2013, Mariko Fujita, class of 2012, James Hobbs, class of 2011, Jackie Danzig, class of 2010, and Caroline Alden, class of 2007, all have won the Graduate Study Scholarship in recent years. 

    Who May Apply
    Any ΦBK member or initiate who meets one of the following criteria: 
    • has received, or will be receiving, an undergraduate degree from a Colorado university or college
    • has been accepted for, or is currently enrolled in, a graduate program at a Colorado university or 
    • is residing in Colorado at the time of application
    • is a current member of the Alpha Association of Colorado.


    Further Details about the Scholarship Program


    The Phi Beta Kappa Society
    Alpha Association of Colorado