Data Governance

Data and information are resources and assets of an organization much like finances, employees, and buildings, and therefore need to be managed and stewarded in the best interest of an organization's goals and mission. When stewarded properly, data and information at Colorado College can better help us facilitate student success and promote trust in data and analysis amongst our community and stakeholders. Data governance can be defined as the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data used in an organization.

Data Governance Council Charter

The Data Governance Council was commissioned in the summer of 2018 after the work of a collaborative project team reviewed the impact of the EU's GDPR that went into effect in May 2018 and the benefits of bringing data governance to Colorado College. The Data Governance Council is charged with reviewing existing protocols, policies, and procedures and proposing new ones to the president and cabinet to ensure data transparency, quality, security, availability, and compliance. The council will also develop and implement a communication plan for the college's community and data trainings appropriate to various levels of data users. The council's work will complement the work being done by the Data Integration and Reporting Team which is working on recommendations to meet data needs across campus.

Data Governance Council Members

  • Phil Apodaca, Office of the Registrar
  • Molly Bodnar, Advancement Division
  • Matt Bonser, Office of Admission
  • Lori Cowan, Office of Finance and Administration
  • Pedro de Araujo, Office of the Provost
  • Kara Deschenes, Office of Human Resources
  • Jim Grey, Office of Information Technology
  • Patrick Hull, Office of Admission
  • John Lauer, Office of Student Life
  • Tom Monagan, Department of Athletics
  • Jessy Randall, College Archives
  • Lori Seager, Office of Finance and Administration
  • Erica Shafer, Office of Financial Aid
  • Karen To, Office of Communications
  • Jean Truty, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College
  • Lyrae Williams, Office of the President, chair
  • Barbara Wilson, Office of Administrative Services

Current tasks/projects

The Data Governance Council has three subcommittees currently working on...


The policies subcommittee is working on...

  • Reviewing the two interim privacy policies that were created to be in compliance with GDPR
  • Reviewing the current records retention and disposition policy and schedule
  • Developing an inventory of the current data-related policies, and a process for those policies to be reviewed, and identifying any gaps in policies, procedures, and processes as needed.

Participants: Lyrae Williams, Phil Apodaca, Matt Bonser, Tom Monagan, Kara Deschenes, Jessy Randall, Lori Cowan

Collecting Data

The collecting data subcommittee is working on...

  • The GDPR recommendation from the June 2018 project team report (3.b.) which states "ask all offices that currently collect personally identifiable and or sensitive personal data to fill out the 'lawful basis form,' and if applicable, create a unit/department specific 'consent form' for collecting sensitive personal data."

Participants: Erica Shafer and Patrick Hull


The admin/communication subcommittee is working on...

  • Developing and maintaining a website for all things related to data governance and the council
  • Creating defined language, definitions, and data roles to be used within data governance
  • Developing and implementing a communication plan for the campus on data governance, the council and its work, and the related GDPR items.

Participants: Phil Apodaca, Matt Bonzer, Kara Deschenes, Jim Grey, Chris Kollar, John Lauer, Tom Monagan, Lori Seager, Karen To

Third Party Contracts

  • Review and update all third party contracts the college has with entities that the college shares personal and or sensitive information with on our students, employees, alumni, donors or any other constituent group the college has collected or received personal or sensitive data on and through the course of regular business operations, shares that information with a third party

Managed by Barbara Wilson

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