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Make Your Application Stand Out

Think about the Timeline for the application process, and use this Application Checklist to manage your application's components and deadlines.

Your application is a persuasive document -- you are trying to convince the funder to give you funds to pursue your dream. Thus, the facts cannot simply speak for themselves; you have to make an argument about why you are the perfect fit for this opportunity.

Most applications contain the following components:

  • Recommendation Letters: The best rec letters are specific, related both to your project/goals and the award's values, and together present a complete picture of you as a candidate.
  • Stuff You Need from Campus: Transcripts and institutional nominations, if required, provide key evidence on which to build your persuasive argument.
  • Essays: The essays are, quite possibly, the single most important part of your application, because they are the only opportunity for you to speak directly to the funder.

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