Arts and Crafts

Student-Papermaking-class.jpgThe Arts and Crafts program at Colorado College supports students from all areas of the college to explore, experiment, and engage with art and craft processes and histories. The program is co-curricular and provides art making experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment. In Arts and Crafts, we embrace experimentation, failure, joy, friendships, and space to make connections to learning and everyday life. It is an inclusive space that values difference of experience, ideas, and backgrounds and is committed to Antiracism in our programs and everyday practices.

The Arts and Crafts program brings together makers at all different levels of their practice. We continue to support student-led classes and programs, while also offering art making experiences taught by staff, faculty, alumni, and visiting artists who are pushing the edges of contemporary craft. The program acknowledges the role of craft in many different areas and focuses on the following intersections:

  • Craft: Material Exploration and Experimentation
  • Craft + Community
  • Craft + Design
  • Craft + Activism
  • Craft + Environment
  • Craft + Wellness

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email Arts and Crafts Director Rebecca Parker at 

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