MATTER AND MEANING: Transdisciplinary Collaboration as Feminist Practice

This year’s event, MATTER AND MEANING: Transdisciplinary Collaboration as Feminist Practice, was organized by Dr. Rushaan Kumar, Assistant Professor of Feminist & Gender Studies, and Dr. Natalie Gosnell, Assistant Professor of Physics. “MATTER AND MEANING,” a nod to Meeting the Universe Halfway by Dr. Karen Barad, entailed Dr. Gosnell and Visiting Artist Janani Balasubramanian delivering a shared talk based on their 5+ year collaboration across art, astrophysics, and the spaces between and beyond. They discussed the intentions, mechanics, and benefits of sustaining a long-term and rigorous practice of co-creation across disciplines and spoke to how their work activates many of the strategies advocated by scholars in feminist science and technology studies. Gosnell and Balasubramanian also presented a talk on their project The Gift, an immersive installation at the Colorado College Fine Arts Center.
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