Alumni Across the Country Support CC Students

Alumni Across the Country Support CC Students
Tanyu Yuba '13 of San Francisco gives his perspective on CC's new City Scholars program.

The City Scholars program, launched in November 2019, provides current-use scholarship funds to Colorado College students that live in specific regions. These 10 funds across the country serve to connect alumni and parents to the on-campus community. The program has already sparked nationwide interest, with 71 donors spanning 17 events in 10 cities. CC event attendees have the option to support their city's scholarship during event registration. Through the recent Hometown Homecoming Happy Hour in San Francisco, 40% of attendees (all young alumni of the last 10 years) gave to the San Francisco City Scholar fund.

"My hope is that the fund can help local students discover the unique opportunity of a liberal arts education and options such as Colorado College outside of California," says City Scholars donor Tanyu Yuba '13. "There's a huge financial and social barrier to going to school far away and I think the fund is one way of helping chip away at that wall." According to, only 11% of California high school graduates who pursue a bachelor's degree attend out-of-state colleges or universities.

Supporting a local student also gives alumni and parents a direct connection to Colorado College. "The fund is a good start to get local alumni involved with [CC] in causes they support," Yuba says. He also hopes that donors who support City Scholars will have the opportunity to meet the students they support after the funds are awarded.

Are you interested in getting involved with Colorado College community where you live? Check out our off-campus events here. You can also find out more about scholarships and other college priorities by following this link.

City Scholar funds will be available as early as Fall 2020 to students in the following cities:

  • Boston
  • Bay Area
  • Chicago
  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Washington, D.C.

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