Professor Dan Johnson Selected for Fulbright Specialist Panel

Dan Johnson, professor of business and economics, has been re-approved to the Fulbright Specialist panel for 2022-2027.

Johnson was on the panel from 2015-2020, and then served as a peer reviewer for Fulbright until 2022. In 2016, Johnson served in Myanmar as part of the program, where he taught innovation and entrepreneurship to former political prisoners and young adults during the gap between military regimes there.

“That experience was transformative for many I met, and changed my teaching at CC as well,” says Johnson. When Johnson returned, he developed two new courses: Innovation for Poverty Alleviation, and Markets and Morality.

The Fulbright Specialist Program sends U.S. professionals to work as expert consultants at academic institutions abroad for two to six weeks.

Specialists on the panel have access to program opportunities that are proposed by host nations and the programs usually engage with foreign governments or educational programs to improve local policy or cultural or economic outcomes, says Johnson.

Johnson has taught at several elite institutions, including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia University, and gave a TEDxYale talk on Simplicity and Changing the World. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University, and he constructed a model that predicts a country’s Olympic medal counts with 94% accuracy. Most of Johnson’s research is about policy effectiveness and innovation to empower disadvantaged populations, both in the United States and abroad.

To find out more about Johnson’s work, you can check out his personal website.

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