Office of Performing Arts Justice and Action Month

The Office of Performing Arts spent last month following the 10-minute “Justice in June” lesson plan compiled by Bryanna Wallace and Autumn Gupta. The goal of that resource is to provide a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies.

As the OPA works to rectify the ways in which the world of performing arts upholds systemic racism, they wanted to supplement the 10-minute “Justice in June” lesson plan to highlight the work of the Black artists in the ever-expanding conversation about American racism. The Justice and Action Month series will include theatre, dance, music, and articles about the impact of racism in the performing arts on Black artists.  Some days, a direct connection exists between the items they share. Other days they ask you to make the larger connections. Learn more about the series. 

Although OPA is dedicating July to this effort, this is just the beginning. Everyone needs to continue learning and educating themselves.  And the OPA would be delighted if you would share additional resources you encounter along the way. Please tag them on social media using #OPAJAM or send an email to

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