Financial Aid Policies Handbook

Student Right to Know

Federal regulations state that all prospective and current students have a right to know specific information about the college they are considering or currently attending.

The following table lists the topics and where one can obtain the appropriate information at Colorado College:

Topic Where to find the information
General College Information Catalog of Courses; Registrar or Admission Offices
Financial Aid Catalog of Courses, Financial Aid Policies Handbook; Financial Aid Office or Admission Office
Refund Policy Catalog of Courses, Financial Aid Policies Handbook; Student Accounts and Loans or Financial Aid Offices
Completion or Graduation Rates (general student population / student-athletes) Registrar's Office
Transfer Out Rates Registrar's Office
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Dean of Student's Office
Campus Security Report Dean of Student's Office, Campus Security Office
Athletics Participation Rates and Gender Financial Support Data Athletics Department
Athletics Revenue and Expense Information Athletics Department
Career Exploration, Internships, and Job-Hunting Assistance Career Center

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