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Many families are able to afford Colorado College by utilizing a combination of grants, modest loans, student work opportunities, and family resources. We offer advice on budgeting, parent loans, and other financial options for all families.

CC meets 100% of demonstrated financial need based on FAFSA and CSS Profile results using a combination of donor-funded scholarships and campus grants, federal loans and work-study options when you complete the financial aid application process by posted deadlines. The Net Price Calculator below gives an estimate based on information you provide. We welcome students and parents to call and schedule a time to talk through their net price calculator results or any other financial aid concerns you may have.

Calculation of Financial Aid Eligibility:

Cost of Attendance

The following are the costs of attendance that we use to calculate final financial aid awards for students attending Colorado College during the academic year 2021-22. The college requires all students to be enrolled full-time.

Academic Year 2024-25

Fixed Direct Charges Academic Year 2024-25




Student Activity Fee


This pays for all activities funded through CCSGA




Based on a double room in residence hall (financial aid does not increase for more expensive housing options)

Meal Plan


Increased meal plan cost reflects recent federal law requirements

Estimated Expenses     (based on averages for a 9 month period)
Books, Course Materials, Supplies & Equipment Allowance  $1,240
Misc. Allowance  $1,800 Personal expenses
Transportation $1,230 Domestic student expectation; International student expectation is $1,500
Subsidized Student Loan Fee $63 Average origination fee assessed to loan borrowers
Unsubsidized Student Loan Fee $67 Average origination fee assessed to loan borrowers
Total Estimated Costs  $91,154


Health Insurance



Additionally, all students are required to have health insurance while attending Colorado College and to provide annual proof of coverage. The college offers a comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan. If a student elects coverage under a different plan, their health insurance must meet minimum criteria, which are available on the Student Health Insurance Plan website. More information is available with our Student Health Center. Costs for health insurance is adjusted and published every summer by the Student Health Center. 

Estimated cost if you are required to sign up for the Student Health Insurance Plan due to inadequate coverage


* The college’s actual annual cost of educating a student at Colorado College is higher than our tuition. However, income from our endowment and from gifts and grants subsidizes that amount, even for students who do not receive financial aid. For students eligible for financial aid, scholarship and grants further reduce the costs to students and their families.

* Non-Degree Seeking Students: Rate per block for 2024-25 is $11,789.

*Similar to many other institutions, tuition and fee costs are subject to change and are determined each year. Please note that future tuition costs, fees, and standard student budget amounts may differ from year to year.


The room allowance reflects the charges for a standard double room in a residence hall.

  • For students living at home in the Colorado Springs area, we use a living expense allowance of approximately $5,300 in place of the regular cost of attendance amounts for room and board, personal expenses, and transportation. Students may receive an adjustment for book costs that exceed the book allowance based on sufficient documentation to the financial aid office.

Colorado College requires that all students either participate in the college's health insurance plan or have comparable medical insurance. It is our expectation that students who are already covered by their family's insurance will continue to be covered by it. The entire insurance cost for the academic year will be billed to the first semester charges for students who wish to subscribe to the college's health insurance plan instead.

Upon individual request the financial aid office can add computer costs to the cost of attendance one time over a student's time at CC. It is not the college's policy to use institutional resources to fund this computer allowance, but students may use federal aid eligibility and outside scholarships to meet the computer allowance costs.

  • We generally limit the computer cost adjustment to an allowance of up to $2,500. The allowance is not granted in the student's final semester. We increase the cost of attendance up to $2,500 with appropriate documentation that the student or family has expended or will expend funds for purchase or rental of the computer equipment.
  • Final documentation of the purchase or rental is required in all cases. We consider the computer cost of attendance adjustment for costs incurred within six months of the request for the allowance. Computer equipment is defined broadly to include desktop or laptop systems, monitors, printers, cables, peripheral devices, and some software.

For students who are not required to provide parental information per federal regulations, the cost of attendance we use may reflect adjustments to the standard allowances to accommodate these circumstances.


Half block Class Policy

Half block is a .5 unit course offered in the beginning of spring semester. If a student is enrolled full time in EITHER fall semester OR spring semester (while remaining enrolled at least part time in the other semester), half block does not carry a tuition charge. If, however, a student is part time in both fall and spring and not enrolled in one semester or the other, half block is charged as a half unit course with the standard tuition for that year.

For financial aid purposes, half block is part of spring semester. If a student is not taking 3 other units in the spring, half block will be added to their enrollment to determine their federal aid eligibility. However, no CC financial aid will be offered for enrollment in half block.


For those students who choose to live at home during COVID or otherwise, please see the budget below.

Tuition and Fees: $62,070.00
Books and Supplies: $1,240.00
Food: $1,188.00
Misc. Allowance: $1,354.00
Transportation: $1,480.00
Total: $67,332.00

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