Financial Aid Policies Handbook

Colorado College Grants and Scholarships

If a student's financial aid eligibility, meet all published deadline and admission application qualify the student for a CC financial aid award, and if the student has financial eligibility remaining after we award self-help aid, Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), and state grants, the college will attempt to meet any remaining eligibility with Colorado College grants, scholarships, and endowed funds that we administer. The college makes a significant commitment with these funds to implement the goals of our financial aid program.

Colorado College maintains its financial aid program for students based on the generous support we receive from donors to named endowed and gift scholarship funds, many of which were established by alumni, family, and friends of the college. We often award Colorado College Grants in a student's initial financial aid award, but then replace these generic grant funds at a later date with funds from a specific named endowed or gift scholarship fund. The college will notify students during the academic year that part or all of the CC financial aid award was made possible through funds from a specific named endowed or gift scholarship fund. Some of these endowed and gift scholarship funds have restrictions, but students typically do not apply for specific CC grants and scholarships. Students who apply for financial aid are automatically considered for all available CC grants and scholarships. If a student receives a CC named endowed or gift scholarship fund as part of the their financial aid award, the development office will notify the student about writing a letter of appreciation to the donors of the scholarship and attending any scholarship donor events. These are an expectation of the grant or scholarship and are important in showing appreciation for making our financial aid program possible.

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