Outreach Program

The Colorado College Elementary School Outreach Program for Neuroscience Education was developed in 1993. The program is designed to introduce local elementary school children to basic neuroscience by providing them with hands-on experience with brain tissue at the gross and microscopic level.

Students Brain

To date, Neuroscience students have accomplished the following:

Number of classrooms visited: 1,100

Grades visited: 1st through 6th; and some middle school

Number of elementary school students involved: 25,254

We have also visited several local high schools and talked to thousands of students, and had students from several local schools of all levels visit the Laboratory of Quantitative Neuromorphology.

Children's Comments


"Thank you for coming to our class. I loved learning about the brain. What I liked the best was feeling and holding the brain. At frist it was slimy but I got use to it."--Amy, 5th Grade

"Thank you for coming to our class and teaching us about the brain. I really liked coming up and feeling the human brain and monkey brain."--Scott, 5th Grade

"I learned that a human brain is pretty heavy. I learned alot about the brain. I learned that the brain has lots of memories."--Donzell, 5th Grade

"Thank you for coming and talking to us. It was really neat. I always wondered how the brain worked and now I know. It was really neat that I got to hold a bran in my hand.... I never new every time you learded something you wold get a new brain sel."--Megan, 5th Grade

"I didn't know that a sharks brain was so small. The brain felt wierd. I never saw a real brain before. It was cool, last year I studied brains but I didn't see one last year, though."--Jacob, 5th Grade

"I learned that he brain had a lot of parts. I also learned that yhour left side controls the right side of your body and the right controls the left side of your body."--Anthony, 5th Grade

"I learned that if you unraveled the nurons in your brain that it would go from LA to NY. Also I learned that the the smoother the brain the less complex you are. I also learned that alcohol effects the cerebellum."--Andy, 4th Grade

"Wen I tucht the Brain. It fellt funy. I lernd that you can't do nothing without uissing your brain."--Anthony, 2nd Grade

"It was exciting! I lernd all the parst of the brain. I learnd that I should protect all the parts of my brain when I play hockey."--Charlie, 4th Grade

"I learned what all the parts of the brain are and that there are 100 billion cells."

--Jenny, 4th Grade

"I learnded that the frontal lobe, the oxcipatal lobe and all those other lobes, If you didn't have those you could'nt see or anything. That would be bad! My favorite part was when you got our the brains and when we got to see and touch them that was really cool!"--Kelly, 3rd Grade

"I learned that a brain is Fragile so when I gho bike riding I waer a helmet."

--Joe, 3rd Grade

"I my self think the brain is neat!"--Shayla, 3rd Grade

"I wonder how they cut that lady's skull open. That brain was pretty fresh. The smell of the brain smelt pretty wierd. The very nice part about it was that if you din't come we wouldn't probably beable to touch or see a brain unitl high school. So you gave us a little tip ahead time so thanks for that."--Alex, 5th Grade

"What I like most about the presentation was seeing and touching the brain. And I liked learning about the brain's cells."--Lacey, 2nd Grade

"I learned that when you learn something new you get another storage room. The brain was slimy."--Leah, 3rd Grade

"I learned that you have diffrent parst of your brain. I learnd what shape your brain is. I learned that a bear's brain is very big."--Stephanie, 2nd Grade

"I learned that some mammals know more than others. I learned that brains have wrinkles. I learned that brains have serten sells."--Wesley, 2nd Grade

"I really really liked you teching me. It was very very fun and entrsting. I told my mom all about what you teched me. Thanks."--Jenice, 1st grade

"I learned the parts of the brain like the frontl lob, parietl lob, cerebellum, occipital lob,temporal lob, gyries and those valleys, the brain stem and how the brain sends mesiges and blocks pain of [off]."--Maegan, 2nd grade

"Touching the brain was gross, exciting, mushy, neat and wonderful."

--Kenny, 3rd grade

"I liked the animal brains best becus it showt why humans are defrent then animals and how big and small defrent brains are and how defrent sizes are for defrent animals and how some animals are smarter."--Kelly, 3rd grade

"I really really enjoyed all the aktivitys and the thing I liked very best was the game when we played like we were the nerons sending the mesages to the brain and saw how the drugs could change the mesages and get the brain all confused and broken."--Zalkia, 3rd grade

"I liked how you taught us about Alzheimers Disease. My grandma has it real bad and now I understand about it and even told my mom about it too. Thank you very much." --Shawn, 4th grade

"I told my brother and sister all about the brain and they didn't even believe I sawed a real human and munkey brain or even toched one. All of my friends even wished they could of seen the brains and lerned about it like me."

--Josh, 4th grade

"At first I thought the brain felt gross but after I learned about it I thought it was really neat. I had alot of questions that you answered and you guys made it easy and fun to learn about the brain."--Jessica, 5th grade

"If you hadn't come I probably would never of seen an actual brain or even been able to hold one...Thank you very much."--Joel, 5th grade

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