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As an important part of your professional education, Molecular Biology majors are expected to attend department seminars. Note that attending seminars and writing questions are required for graduation (see “Senior Capstone” in the Major's Handbook).  Molecular Biology seminars are scientific presentations given by faculty or guest speakers.  See the professor in charge of seminar scheduling for arrangements if you have suggestions for speakers. Once you have declared a Molecular Biology major, you will be notified by email of upcoming seminars on campus that are relevant for Biology majors. It is in your best interest to declare a Biology major before your junior year, in order to receive this information.

  • The list of seminars below is preliminary and will be updated as additional seminars are confirmed, so check back for updates.  Flyers for each seminar will also be posted in and around the Molecular Biology Office, 4th floor Olin Hall.  
  • If you enter after the start of the seminar, please try to enter as quietly as possible and avoid walking in front of the slide projector.
  • Questions are encouraged at the end of each seminar.
  • Seminars are free and open to the public.

If you have any questions regarding seminars, or if you have a suggestion for a possible speaker, contact Sara Hanson ( and or Jennifer Garcia  (

2018 - 2019 Seminars

Block 3 - Tuesday - October 23rd - 12:15 - Olin #481 
Dr. Laura Burrack - Gustavus Adolphus College
Title:  What makes a "good" centromere?:  Determinants of chromosome segregation accuracy in Candida albicans

Block 4 - Tuesday - December 4th  - 12:15 - Olin# 481 
Dr.  Aaron Johnson - University of Colorado School of Medicine
Title: Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene silencing

Block 5 - Thursday - January 31, 2019 - 12:15 - Olin #481 
Dr.  Izabela Ragan - Colorado State University
Title: "From Alpacas to Zombies:  The Fight Against Emerging Infectious Diseases"

Block 6 - Wednesday - March 6, 2019 - 12:15 - TBA 
Dr.  James Sikela - CU Denver Anschutz Medical Campus
Title:  "What genes made us human and how much did they cost?"

Block 6 - Monday - March 4th - 12:15 - TBA 
Dr.  Nicole Valenzuela- Iowa State University

Block 7 - Friday - April 5 - 12:15 - South Commons 
Molecular Biology Day 
Dr.  Bisco Hill - UC Berkeley

2017-2018 Seminars

Block 2 - Wednesday - October 11 - 12:15 - Olin #1

Dr. Carrie Moon
Title: "Exploring C-reactive protein forms with molecular binding assays"

Block 3 - Tuesday - October 24th - 12:15 - Olin #481
Dr. Adrianne Stefanski - University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus
Title:  "The role of Muc5b, sialic acid, and Siglec-F in the mouse lung:  an introduction to glycobiology".

Block 4 - Thursday - November 30th - 12:15 - Olin 1
Dr. Amber Scott - CU Boulder
Title:  "Pathways of adaptation:  Using genomic tools to understand how yeast adapt to growth in a low-carbon environment."

Block 4 - Wednesday - December 6th - 12:15 - Olin 1
Dr. David Bentley - UC Denver
Title:  "Coordination of transcription with mRNA processing in space and time"

Block 5 - Tuesday - January 30th - 12:15 - Olin 1
Dr. Lori Sussell - CU Denver
Title:  "Maintenance of pancreatic islet cell identity in the adult"

Block 5 - Wednesday - February 7th - 12:15 - Olin 1
Dr. Jay Hesselberth - CU Denver School of Medicine
Title:  "Biology of RNA end modification and repair"

Block 6 - Friday - February 23rd - 12:15 - Olin 481
Dr. Andrea Henle-- Carthage College
Title:  "Using Zebrafish to Understand the Cellular Events that Lead to Uveal Melanoma".

Block 7 - Friday -April 13th - 12:00 - South Commons (formerly Slocum)
Molecular Biology Day
Dr. Brenda Bass - University of Utah
Title:  "Dicer: a story of solving mysteries with science."

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Senior Capstone Requirement: Biology Research Seminar and Abstracts

Majors must submit satisfactory questions and attend 4 Molecular Biology seminars.  

Acceptable Seminars

  • Molecular Biology Department seminars, including the keynote address at Biology Day
  • Biology seminars at UCCS, CU, CSU, DU, CU medical school, and Penrose or Memorial Hospitals, but ask your academic advisor before attending.
  • Selected seminars from other science departments at CC.  In your abstract clearly link the seminar to biology.  Again, ask your academic advisor before you attend non-Biology seminars.
  • Not eligible: student presentations, including Biology Day talks.

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