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    Welcome to the Department of Molecular Biology 

    Departmental mission statement & curricular goals:  The Department of Molecular Biology offers a range of courses that teach students how to understand organisms on a cellular and molecular level.  Our focus is on the universal properties shared by all living things, such as the inheritance and use of genetic information.  Our majors learn critical thinking skills in molecular biology, such as how to perform and interpret experiments and how to develop and test hypotheses about model organisms, cells, and molecules.  Majors learn to communicate primary research and library research findings about molecular biology across the whole curriculum. Students majoring in molecular biology will be prepared to enter graduate programs in basic research or healthcare, and to apply the critical thinking and communication skills learned in the major to new situations, irrespective of their career goals.

    Julia Barney - MB day 2016

    Colorado College
    Molecular Biology Department

    14 E. Cache La Poudre
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903