Performance Design

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Minor Requirements

The legibility of images, materials, objects, and space have re-tooled how performance is made. With more frequency, designers are creating work in installation projects and exhibitions that while performative, are no longer absolutely reliant on a script. This new approach necessitates not only an understanding of theatrical design principles, but it also requires the designer to be visually literate, historically, critically, and theoretically aware of the cultural, social, and political meanings as well as aesthetics of their designed spaces and objects. To this end, the Performance Design thematic minor draws upon courses from art history, studio art, film, visual, and media studies, as well as the design courses within the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Advisors: Davis-Green, Ames - a minimum of 5.5 units

CATEGORY #1: Foundations in Design and Art History: 2-units of design courses:

  • TH110 Fundamentals of Performance Design and one of the following:
  • TH207 Lighting Design
  • TH210 Intermediate Performance Design
  • TH218 Costume Design

One unit in Art History:

  • AH111 History of Architecture (W)
  • AH112 Introduction to Art History (W)

(Note: courses are 2-block courses but only one unit counts toward the minor.)

CATEGORY #2: Interdisciplinary Electives: Select one  from the following:

  • TH240, TH340 Special Topics in Design
  • TH350 Design Practicum
  • FS205 Topics in Cinema
  • FS212 Basis Filmmaking
  • AS103, AS111,AS114 of AS116 Art Studio
  • GS222 Games, Aesthetics and Culture

CATEGORY #3: Practical applications: .5 units in technical theatre.  Select two from the following:

  • TH101 Stagecraft practicum/Connected with production
  • TH102 Stagecraft practicum/Connected with production
  • TH212 Studio work in technical theatre and acting
  • TH213 Studio work in technical theatre and acting
  • TH214 Studio work in technical theatre and acting
  • TH215 Studio work in technical theatre and acting

Each class above is worth 0.25 units.

The Integrative Experience

One unit –Final creative project appended to a 300-level design course or as an independent study (TH325, TH340, or TH404)

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