North American Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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Minor Requirements

Category One

Language Studies, Culture, and Civilizations. Students must choose one unit from the following courses: FR308, SP305, SP307. SP339.

Category Two

The North American Experience. Students must take at least two units (one having Canadian content, the other having Mexican content) from one of the following groups and one from the other. A. History and Politics: HY105 Civilization in the West: The Atlantic World (only one unit toward the minor), PS 103 (one unit toward the minor), HY/PS240, HY200 and HY203 if North America related, HY242, HY302, HY410; B. Culture and Literature: AH180, AN/MU290, AN204, AN308 (when topic is appropriate), HY305, SO223, SO237.

Note: Other courses, whether in the summer or the regular school year, may count toward the minor, provided they have Canadian or Mexican content. For example, any of these courses might be suitable: AN211, EN280, FR308, FR417, HY203. Consult the advisors for the minor for a final decision on this matter. Certain summer courses and area studies institutes will count for the minor as well as special courses such as EC401 The Mexican Economy.

The Integrative Experience

GS 320 option will entail a final paper worked out in consultation with two faculty from two different divisions, and will concentrate on all three areas.

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