Museum Studies

Applicable for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Advisor: TUCKER

Minor Requirements

The museum studies minor brings together intellectual perspectives, academic approaches, and research practices to offer students a lens through which they may investigate material culture and how cultural products are understood and displayed in the context of museums. 5 units, minimum.

  1. Required: GS247 AND choose one course from each category.
    1. Cultural Contexts. AH112; AH113; Other 200-level art history courses with advisors’ approval; AN102; AN204; AN207; AN211; EN251; SO105; SW273
    2. Visual Literacy. PH247; AS103; AS114; FS215; AS226; CS220
    3. Materials and Production. AN103; AN243; AN320; CH107 or CH108 OR CH100 Topics: Art Conservation Chemistry; NS109; PC136
  2. One ADDITIONAL elective course from one of the three core categories (Cultural Histories, Visual Literacy, or Materials and Production) OR one course from the following additional categories:
    1. Education. ED250; ED320
    2. Administration. EC110; EC331:
    3. Design. AS212; DR110: Fundamentals of Technical Theatre
  3. Students must also complete an Integrative Experience:
    • A project completed in the context of an advisor-approved museum internship;
    • A 300- or 400-level independent study with a concluding research project, paper, or exhibition approved by the minor advisors;
    • Completion of a sixth, advanced course from areas II or III with an internal project that addresses an issue related to museum studies. This course and project must be approved by minor advisors and the course instructor.
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