Museum Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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Minor Requirements

To fulfill the Museum Studies Thematic Minor, students must complete a minimum of 5 units. Courses from outside this list may be substituted with prior advisor approval. An optional integrative experience (independent study, independent project, or upper-level course) can be added as a 6th class in the minor.

  1. Required: MS247 AND choose one course from each category.
    1. Cultural Contexts. AH101; AH112/115/116; AH113; AH231; AH235; AH200/CC101 Art and the Museum; AN102; AN219; AN220; MS222; CC120 Natural History?: Museums, Collecting, and Display; HY121/EV273; RM185; RM251; SO105; SW102; SW273; SW307
    2. Visual Literacy. AS103; AS114; AS212; AS226; DR110; PH247
    3. Materials and Production. AN320; CH107 or CH108 OR CH100 Topics: Art Conservation Chemistry; MS222; MS250; PC136
    4. Administration and Outreach. BU112; BU121; BU205; BU330; ED210; GS118; MS272
  2. Students may also undertake an Integrative Experience:
    1. A project completed in the context of an advisor-approved museum internship
    2. A 300- or 400-level independent study with a concluding research project, paper, or exhibition approved by the minor advisors, such as GS302
    3. Completion of a sixth, advanced course from one of the four areas with an internal project that addresses an issue related to museum studies.
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