Medieval Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Advisor; NEEL

Minor Requirements

The social, intellectual, and artistic development of medieval Europe. Emphasis on the interaction of cultural elements in Latin Christendom. Comparative study of earlier and later Western as well as contemporary Byzantine and Islamic experiences. Five units minimum.

Students must choose at least five units from among the following courses: AH200 (when appropriate), AH208, AH210, AH211, AH220, AS226, DR202, EN310, EN311, FR413, GR315, HY249, HY274, HY312, HY376, RE130, RE321 (when topic is appropriate).

The Integrative Experience

A paper that integrates several aspects of Middle Ages, taken in one of the concluding courses of the minor and arranged among the student, the instructor, and the minor advisor.

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