Contemporary French Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Advisor: I. WADE

Minor Requirements

An overview of modern France through the study of language, literature, philosophy, history, politics, and the arts. 6 units minimum + the Integrative Experience. 

Students may fulfill this minor in the following manner:

CATEGORY ONE: FR 201 or equivalent proficiency.

CATEGORY TWO: Students who take FR201 must take FR305, and those not obliged to take FR201 must choose two units from the following: FR304, FR305, FR306, FR308, FR310, FR316, FR317, FR319, FR321, FR324, FR329, FR409 

CATEGORY THREE: All students must choose two units from the following: HY280, HY288, HY344, AH243, AH342, PS301.

The Integrative Experience

A paper that integrates many aspects of the subject. To be done under the supervision of the advisor in connection with the last course taken in the minor. The paper must be written in the French language.

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