Film Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Professor BUTTE

Film studies is a program administered by the Department of English. The program offers a minor to students with an interest in narrative film and video in addition to their major. The orientation is eclectic and aesthetic. We study cinema as a narrative art, whatever the genre of storytelling (fiction film, documentary, animation, experimental) or mode of presentation (theatre, television, internet). The curriculum is enriched by faculty in other departments and by visiting scholars, filmmakers, and screenwriters.

Minor Requirements

The minor in film studies requires the successful completion of six units of coursework including:

  • Two core courses: FM102: Basic Filmmaking or FM240: Topics in Filmmaking: Directing the Fiction Film or FM210: Topics in Filmmaking: Documentary Form and Filmmaking; and FM101: Introduction to Film Studies
  • One additional unit in film history/criticism: FM300: Film History and Theory or FM200: Topics in Film Genre and History, or a film study class on a specific subject (e.g. Hitchcock) or FM305: Advanced in Film and Media Studies.
  • One additional unit in filmmaking: FM302: Advanced Filmmaking or FM240: Topics in Filmmaking or FM202: Beginning Screenwriting or FM310: Advanced Topics in Filmmaking.
  • Any two additional film studies units, not to include more than one unit on non-narrative film/video, or of independent study.


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