PY433 - Neuropharmacology

Neuroscience is based on the premise that thoughts, sensations and actions are, at some level, encoded in chemical and electrical signals. This course explores central nervous system pharmacology at multiple levels, including the cellular and molecular bases of neurochemical signaling and its modulation, mechanisms of action of pharmacological agents on neurotransmitter system dynamics, and foundations of behavioral pharmacology. Having covered these fundamentals, the course explores current topics, including cellular models of learning and memory, pharmacology of neurological diseases and their treatment, and drug abuse and dependence.

Prerequisite: Psychology 205 and Psychology 299.

1 unit — Driscoll


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2023 Block 4 Neuropharmacology Lori Driscoll Tutt Science Building 307 25 / 3 05/22/2024
Fall 2024 Block 4 Neuropharmacology Lori Driscoll TBA 25 / 2 05/22/2024
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