Music Fundamentals

Develops understanding of the basic elements of music through written and aural exercises and analysis. Rudiments of music theory involving melody, rhythm, and harmony. Concentration on notation and aural recognitions of rhythm and meter, key signatures, scales, and intervals; the construction and connection of basic triads and chords; basic keyboard and sight singing skills. Designed to assist students planning to take Theory I-IV or for students interested in gaining knowledge of the musician's basic materials and skills. Cannot be used as a credit toward the music major.

1 unit — Ben-Amots, Carrizo


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 3 Music Fundamentals Andres Carrizo Packard Hall 17 15 / -2 06/07/2023
Spring 2023 Block 8 Music Fundamentals Dan Brink Packard Hall 20 15 / 0 06/07/2023
Fall 2023 Block 2 Music Fundamentals Ofer Ben-Amots TBA 15 / 1 06/07/2023
Spring 2024 Block 8 Music Fundamentals Andres Carrizo TBA 15 / 15 06/07/2023
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