Women in Art

A survey of women artists in Western Europe and America from ancient to modern times, contrasting feminist and conventional perspectives. Social and historical context as well as special problems faced by women. Why have there been so few 'great' women artists? Are there qualities unique to women's art? Meets the Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality requirement. Meets the Critical Learning: HP requirement. Meets the Equity and Power: EPG requirement.

Prerequisite: Art History 112 or a Feminist & Gender Studies course.

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: HP, Critical Perspectives: S, Equity and Power: EPG

1 unit — Murray


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2022 Block 5 Women in Art Gale Murray Packard Hall 137 25 / 1 05/17/2022
Spring 2023 Block 7 Women in Art Gale Murray TBA 25 / 25 05/17/2022
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