Practicum in Environmental Education

This course introduces students to the norms, values, routines, policies and relationships that form the school culture of public school students. Students complete at least 60 hours of indoor and outdoor practicum experiences in cooperation with Catamount Center staff and local school personnel. Responsibilities include assisting with outdoor teaching at the Catamount Mountain Campus, and visiting and learning from other experienced environmental educators at their sites. Coursework applies environmental education and learning theories, and compares and contrasts instructional strategies. Practicum experiences converge with course content to examine the influence of school culture on student learning.

Prerequisite: (enrollment in TREE Semester).

1 unit — Arias


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 1 Practicum in Environmental Education Howard Drossman Taught Abroad 001 25 / 15 06/05/2023
Fall 2023 Block 1 Practicum in Environmental Education Juan Miguel Arias TBA 25 / 16 06/05/2023
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