The Body in Motion

An introductory dance course taught through explorations based in the body. Employing basic kinesiology and anatomy, somatic practices, dance composition, and movement improvisation, it broadly investigates the interconnection between body and mind. How might our bodies be a source of knowing? How does movement communicate? Both experiential and theoretical, students will explore their movement potential, move extemporaneously, analyze movement and arrange movement using choreographic procedures. No previous dance experience is necessary to enjoy this course. Meets the Critical Learning: CP requirement.

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: CP

1 unit — Herminjard, Womack


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2022 Block 5 The Body in Motion Sue Lauther Cornerstone Art Center 130 25 / 0 05/27/2022
Spring 2022 Block 7 The Body in Motion Patrizia Herminjard Cossitt Hall Gym 25 / -3 05/27/2022
Fall 2022 Block 2 The Body in Motion Patrizia Herminjard TBA 25 / 0 05/27/2022
Spring 2023 Block 5 The Body in Motion Shawn Womack TBA 25 / 25 05/27/2022
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