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Students may perform as soloists or with small ensembles in a variety of concerts and are welcome to audition for the many department ensembles that give concerts each semester. Students join the ensembles for the semester and may take them for academic credit as adjunct courses.

Our ensembles include the Colorado College Choir with Orchestra, a Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, Big Band Jazz, Chamber Chorus, and the Bowed Piano Ensemble - which has cut CDs and toured annually to places such as Australia, Europe, and the Canary Islands. The Collegium Musicum performs early music; our Gamelan ensemble, directed by a Balinese teacher, features traditional music, dance, and costumes. Bluegrass Ensembles are offered at various skill levels. Music Theatre productions, featuring current voice students, are presented each semester. A jazz lab is available to students who wish to develop jazz performance and improvisation skills in a small ensemble setting.

Fees are charged for some of these ensembles; details available in the music department office.

Additionally, the department may endorse student led and directed ensembles. Students can gain credit and coaching from the department for approved projects.