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Meet the Title IX Team

Title IX Coordinators

The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators are charged with leading the Colorado College Title IX compliance and programming initiatives through strategic oversight.  They provide direction and guidance on nondiscrimination and Title IX priorities, recommendations for action, and implementation and oversight of institutional policies, practices, and processes.  They continuously strive to enable CC to respond effectively to incidents of discrimination, harassment, and violence.  They lead the Title IX efforts to foster an environment whereby all members of the community are a part of intervention and preventing such harmful conduct.


Heather C. Kissack

Title IX Coordinator

Josh Isringhausen

Josh Isringhausen

Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students and Prevention


Kara Deschenes

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees


Jessica Bennett

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics

Title IX / Anti-Discrimination Team:

The extended Title IX team is charged with monitoring, evaluating, and advising on Title IX programming and anti-discrimination compliance at CC, including areas of enrollment management, student life, academics, intercollegiate athletics, and employment.  Their responsibility includes advising upon, and assisting in the coordination of, efforts to comply with Title IX and nondiscrimination responsibilities, including, but not limited to, advising on policy development and dissemination, development and implementation of education programs and activities, review and compliance in athletics equity, and review of equitable employment practices.

College Representation
Team Members


Heather Kissack, Title IX Coordinator

Josh Isringhausen, Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students and Prevention

Kara Deschenes, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees and Athletics

Faculty Representative

Tricia Waters, Professor of Psychology

Campus Safety

Maggie Santos, Director of Campus Safety

Butler Center

Paul Buckley, Assistant VP/Director of the Butler Center

Accessibility Resources

Jan Edwards, Director of Accessibility Resources & ADA/Section 504 Coordinator

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Anna Thompson


Anne Goodman-James, Head Swimming Coach/Director of Aquatics/Senior Woman Administrator

Student Representative

Stephanie Dewald, Student Title IX Assistance & Resource Team (START)

Action-oriented Workgroups:

In addition to the work done by the Title IX/Anti-Discrimination team, two action-oriented workgroups operate to evaluate, review and recommend additions and/or changes to current programming. 

  1. Education and Prevention Team - Ensure regular and ongoing educational resources and training for students and employees related to Title IX and nondiscrimination/anti-harassment. Collaborate with staff council, Crown Faculty Center, FEC, HR, student groups, and other stakeholders regarding education and prevention events involving the CC community. Implement approved initiatives of ongoing education and training within the CC community on issues related to nondiscrimination and Title IX.  Work closely with Communications to market and bring awareness of Title IX initiatives.
  2. Resource, Advisory, & Advocacy Team - Review the sexual assault, stalking, intimate partner violence, and other nondiscrimination policies and recommend protocols for providing support and services to any student or employee reporting, or responding, to allegations of discrimination. Review and assess current resources to determine if they are meeting the needs of the CC community and make recommendations for change as appropriate.  Work closely with the education and prevention team to alter and/or add resources and implement new initiatives

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Contact Information
Heather Kissack
Title IX Coordinator
(719) 389-6202
Spencer Center #101
830 N Tejon St