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David Gardiner

Associate Professor

My teaching focuses on Buddhism, with a survey course every year as well as an advanced seminar. Other courses include East Asian Religions, focusing on China and Japan, and Religious Poetry of Asia. I have also taught courses on religion and science and on religious experience. My research interests are primarily in the early history of Japanese Buddhism, with particular focus on the life and writings of the 9th century founder of the Shingon school of Buddhism, Kukai. I'm presently working on two manuscripts related to him. I'm also interested in interreligious dialog and comparative religious thought. I've given professional talks in this area and expect to publish on it in the near future.

Fields: Buddhism; East Asian Religions; Buddhist-Christian Dialogue


East Asian Religion
Buddhist-Christian Dialogue

Regular Classes

RE 101 Introduction to Religion
RE 170
RE 281 Religious Poetry in Asia
RE 371 Seminar in Buddhist Practice
RE 372 Seminar in Buddhist Philosophy
RE 405 Thesis Preparation
RE 406 Senior Thesis