The Antiracism Implementation Plan

As Colorado College moves forward with new strategic initiatives, our mission remains the same - providing the finest liberal arts education in the country. Yes, it's a simple statement. But in these complicated times, it helps everyone at the college to focus clearly on what is most important, connecting our primary goal to our daily work.

Our mission – to provide the finest liberal arts education in the country – requires us to strive for an environment that does not foster negative experiences or outcomes based on race. With antiracism central to our mission, our faculty, staff, and students will experience greater equity and inclusion, our teaching will become more impactful, and our students will be better prepared to make positive change in the world.

To work toward this ideal, together, we created the following Antiracism Implementation Plan.

While we may never achieve the goal of becoming an antiracist campus, every step we take toward antiracism will make us better, and prepare our students to push for progress in the world. We will work diligently on this, and we won’t stop.

Update, August 2021:
The original text of the antiracism plan refers to the college’s plans and efforts as an “initiative.” To convey the essential, critical goals of our community, and to impact lasting change, the college will now refer to the work as a “commitment” outside of the current language of the plan that was published in 2019. 

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