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Roy Jo Sartin

Writing Center Specialist

Professional history:

Roy Jo has a decade of experience working with writers across the college curriculum, from undergraduates to faculty.  A cultural historian by training, she has taught undergraduate classical and medieval history, as well as graduate-level writing courses, and she has presented at national and international conferences on topics including women’s empowered rhetoric in Roman Egypt; how Bollywood films express evolving attitudes toward marriage and NRIs; and the Doctor from Doctor Who as a Platonic philosopher-king, among others.  Prior to her career in academia, she worked for several years as a magazine writer, photographer, and editor.  In 2014, Roy Jo joined Colorado College’s Writing Center, where she specializes in consulting with writers on high-stakes writing projects; working with faculty; and teaching writing workshops and courses (including GS 390: Grant Writing and GS 257: The Reading and Rhetoric of Star Wars).

Specializes in working with:

  • applicants for fellowships, grants, and graduate school
  • thesis writers, especially in the physical and social sciences
  • MATs
  • faculty developing writing assignments and workshops

Current academic interests and scholarly work:

  • the relationships between fandoms and texts (“Performing Egyptomania as Egypt: Conflating the Text with its Fandom in our Popular Imagination,” to be presented at the PAMLA Conference in November 2018; “The Star Wars that I Used to Know: Using Fan Theories and Debates to explore Critical Reading and Rhetoric,” presented at Denver Comic Con in June 2018)
  • how popular culture reflects historical trends and societal values (“You Could Save the World: Using Wonder Woman to Teach History, Past and Present,” presented at Denver Comic Con in June 2018)
  • empowering students (“The Hero in All of Us: Empowering Students through the Modern Mythologies of Moana, Black Panther, and Sherlock Holmes,” presented at Denver Comic Con in June 2018; “Becoming the Mod Pod Squad: Fluidity in Space and Identity at a Small Liberal Arts College,” presented at the National Conference for Peer Tutors in Writing in October 2017)

Personal interests:

  • touring medieval castles
  • watching Asian dramas
  • riding British bicycles
  • reading fiction (preferably with some swashbuckling and derring-do)


    B.A., History, Texas Tech University

    M.A., History, University of Colorado Colorado Springs