Volunteers in COVID Times

Volunteers in COVID Times
Elle Akers '11 (right) is joined by her family.

From speakers to event hosts and board members to admission interviewers, many alumni are returning to campus virtually to participate in shaping the college's future. In recognition of all they are doing and the roles they can play at CC this year, the college will host a virtual Volunteer Symposium, with sessions held Sept. 21-25.

Like the rest of the world, volunteer opportunities at CC have shifted rapidly during the global pandemic. Since enacting social distancing measures and pivoting to remote learning in March and a modified schedule for the 2020-21 academic year, CC has utilized the talents of over 650 alumni and parent volunteers, who have logged an estimated 800 hours of service through 11 college initiatives. More than 350 of these volunteers have participated in critical projects directly related to Colorado College's pandemic response.

"The best part of my experience thus far is reminding me where I was as a freshman, and the magic in those beginning days. Talking with these young, bright students and their plans for their future has been so uplifting and inspiring," says Elle Akers '11, who volunteered for an incoming student outreach project. When some first-year students had to quarantine in Loomis residence hall shortly after arriving on campus, Akers followed up with students she had previously connected with by mailing them personal cards with words of encouragement.

For Akers, the volunteer commitment to Colorado College fit into her busy schedule. "We all have busy lives, and so far, each project has been offered to me in bits and pieces that feel completely doable amid a schedule of children and work and home life. … I feel as though each project has given back more than I needed to put in."

Are you interested in learning more about volunteering with Colorado College? Sign up for our Volunteer Symposium from Sept. 21-25. Sessions will be streamed live in the evening, covering five different volunteer pathways. Select any session you're interested in attending. Attendees will be able to choose as many sessions as they are interested in. You can register here: https://ourcc.coloradocollege.edu/s/1251/forms.aspx?sid=1251&gid=1&pgid=3749&content_id=4436

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