Tutt Library Special Collections exhibit, “The Slocum Affair,”

“The Slocum Affair” exhibit is now on view outside of the Coburn Gallery in Worner Campus.

If you are looking for information about the College and its history, Tutt Library Special Collections is the best place to start your research. It houses archival material on Colorado College.

William F. Slocum was president of Colorado College from 1888-1917. During his presidency, the college grew in students, from 50 students to 500, and facilities, from a single building to 16. The Board of Trustees asked him to resign following an investigation into his behavior with women at the college (students, staff, faculty, and faculty wives). He spent the 1916-1917 school year abroad, officially leaving the college after the 1917 Commencement celebration.

Fast forward 100 years to February 2018 when the board decided unanimously to rescind the honorary degree bestowed on Slocum in 1917 and ordered the removal of his name from the residence hall and commons building on the corner of Nevada and Cache La Poudre. Those facilities are known temporarily as South Hall and South Commons. Watch for a naming process for that building in the furture.

Read the full story of the "The Slocum Affair" for information about the controversial departure of William Frederick Slocum, President of Colorado College from 1888 to 1917, including scans and transcriptions of statements from women at CC at the time along with links to articles on the topic.

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