Radio Veteran Jeff Bieri Named Station Manager of 91.5 KRCC

Jeff Bieri has been named the new station manager of 91.5 KRCC, Colorado Public Radio and KRCC have announced. Bieri, a 30-year industry veteran who currently serves as program manager, was promoted to station manager for the Colorado Springs-based public radio station, which is owned by Colorado College and operated by CPR.

"Jeff has been a key member of the KRCC staff for many years on the radio and behind the scenes," says CPR President Stewart Vanderwilt. "He knows and loves the community and understands what Southern Colorado audiences need and expect from KRCC. We are grateful he will take on this crucial role to maintain KRCC's unique position in the community together with Colorado Public Radio."

Bieri was born and raised in Colorado with a brief stint spent in New Mexico during his "wandering years." His love of music brought him to 91.5 KRCC in 1989, and, in the interim, he has hosted every day-part slot of KRCC's programming. Bieri has participated in more than 60 KRCC membership drives during the course of his employment and hopes to garner even more public support for 91.5 KRCC and CPR.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to continue working with my friends and colleagues at KRCC, and now at Colorado Public Radio. KRCC has been a source of inspiration to me for most of my adult life, and I'm grateful for the partnership that CPR has offered us. The resources and broadcast knowledge of CPR are immense, and I believe the listeners of both KRCC and CPR will benefit greatly through our combined efforts," Bieri says.

Bieri has been an active leader of the integration of KRCC into CPR's operations, working closely across all departments, and will be an essential member of the team working to design the new public media center for Southern Colorado at 720 N. Tejon St. in Colorado Springs. The center is slated to open next summer, and will include offices for KRCC, Colorado College's Journalism Institute, and Rocky Mountain PBS' Regional Innovation Center.

Colorado Public Radio and Colorado College entered into a partnership in early 2020. As a part of the agreement KRCC is affiliated with, and operated by, Colorado Public Radio in partnership with Colorado College. The station will continue to be identified as KRCC. This collaboration increases KRCC's ability to produce and deliver original local content and provides KRCC's audiences with CPR's state-wide resources. CPR and Colorado College are committed to maintaining KRCC's strong local and regional news presence and will continue to employ Colorado Springs-based personnel.

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