Friday's Last Lecture Series with Professor David Hendricksonn

The Last Lecture series is a way of bringing the campus together to hear from some of CC’s most noteworthy senior faculty.

This Friday, February 21st, the Library Partners will be continuing our "Last Lecture" series with Political Science Professor David Hendrickson.

After reflecting on what matters to them, speakers give a hypothetical "last lecture," conveying whatever insights they want to impart to the world as a culmination of their thinking on the topic of their choosing.

Although a history major when he attended CC, he took many courses in the Political Science department, to which he returned as a teacher in 1983. He received tenure some years later in 1989 and became a full professor in 1996, During his tenure, Professor Hendrickson along with teaching courses in American foreign policy and international relations also directs the journalism minor at Colorado College. He has authored seven books. His website,, provides a lot more information including full text links to his essays and various instructional materials, .

Come hear him speak Friday at 4pm in the library Event Space on the 2nd floor.

If you missed this in person, you can still listen in to this "Last Lecture" by Professor of Political Science David Hendrickson '76.

DHenrickson full

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