Friday Feature: Persepolis

Friday Feature: Persepolis /

Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Violence
Persepolis is a journey of self-discovery and growth. Marjane discovers herself as a child in Iran through a revolution and a war, with childlike innocence, and later unapologetic teenage angst and finally as a young woman in a foreign country. The film was packed with unexpected deadpan hilarity. I loved the black and white simplistic art when Marjane told her story. The film is in French, but subtitled in English (in parts it swallowed the entire screen, but otherwise pretty decent). Definitely worth watching!
(Cecelia Mweka)
Access information: For folks with a CC sign on, starting from the library home page, you can search Persepolis in OneSearch (the main search box) and the film should be one of your top results. You want the one with a location of "Electronic Resources" rather than the DVD (at circulation) or the book (in the garden level). Just click on Online Access, above the word location in the search results. Or, if you're already logged in to the library, you can probably go directly to to find the film.
For those without CC access, you can learn more about this film and where you might stream it at .

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